Rado, a globally recognised Swiss watch brand that traces its roots to 1917, is famous for its innovative design and visionary use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world's most durable watches.

RADO Watch Range

True Thinline
RADO Ceramica

RADO Ceramica Range

RADO Ceramica

The RADO Ceramica is the perfect example of a minimalist design that has been revamped for the contemporary woman. Excellent Swiss craftsmanship, extraordinary materials and an elegant geometric shape gives the RADO Ceramica a luxury feel, perfected with diamond hour markers on a black dial.

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RADO Centrix

RADO Centrix Range

RADO Centrix

High performance features and a cool, fresh design are part of what makes the RADO Centrix range so striking and unique.

The RADO Centrix watches are available for both men and ladies, in a range of styles with various dial colours available.

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RADO Coupole

RADO Coupole Range

RADO Coupole

Perfect for the fashion forward, the RADO Coupole collection has timeless style. With powerful performance and a flawless, classic design with a vintage touch, the RADO Coupole makes the perfect watch for everyday wear.

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RADO Hyperchrome

RADO Hyperchrome Range

RADO Hyperchrome

RADO have taken a classic design and added a modern edge for the RADO Hyperchrome range. Sleek and sophisticated with powerful performance, this watch is ideal for everyday wear with reliability, practicality and great style in mind.

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RADO Integral

RADO Integral Range

RADO Integral

Undeniably sleek, this mysteriously dark collection of watches is beautifully striking. The bold watch face is finalised with a diamond dot dial that is immediately eye catching. This strong, wonderfully designed timekeeper is perfect for everyday wear with its sleek modern edge, and would also make a breath taking occasion wear accessory.

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RADO True Range


The RADO True collection includes a luxurious range of crisp, clean and stylish watches. With and without dazzling accents, this collection dazzles with its contemporary style. Available for men and ladies in a range of exceptional styles and dial colours.

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True Thinline

RADO True Thinline Range

RADO True Thinline

Known for ground breaking innovation and their distinctive aesthetic, Rado does not disappoint with the RADO True Thinline collection. The RADO True Thinline is a smart and stylish piece, with a strikingly strong design, smooth and sleek watch face with the black dial for ultimate effect.

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RADO HyperChrome Match Point

RADO Watches

About RADO

Ever since its beginnings in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado has had a pioneering spirit, with the brand philosophy "if we can imagine it, we can make it" still holding true today. Only the best materials are approved to produce Rado watches. Hardness and scratch-resistance alone are not enough: durability and wearer comfort are just as important. Its unique approach to industrial design has been recognised with more than 30 international design prizes.

Iconic style and substance are the cornerstones of the brand as Rado continues to assert its mastery of materials to create beautiful and eye-catching watches that will stand the test of time. Nothing gets in the way of Rado's mission to discover, invent and innovate in watches - we can truly say that "Time is the essence we are made of".

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